Emotion Level + 1 = Skills you use


Anytime Skills: DO WHENEVER 0-5 (Emotion Level)

  1. Clear Picture: Notice your urges, breath, surroundings, feelings, body check, thoughts.
  2. On Track Thinking: Cheer lead your thoughts/actions: I CAN DO THIS! I CAN AND I WILL.
  3. On Track Action: Putting into action, switch tracks if necessary, wise mind (skills 1,2,3.)
  4. Safety Plan: Staying safe, planning for risks to be effective. Inside: Thoughts, Urges, Feelings, Fantasy Outside: People, Places, Things.How likely is the risk? Handle from likeliness.
  5. New Me activity: Activities that typically bring you happiness and tranquility.

Calm Only Skills: ONLY WHEN YOU’RE 0-3 (Emotion Level)

  1. Problem Solving: How big is the problem? What is in my way? What is the fix?
  2. Express Myself: Share thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, ideas, behavior, past actions, hopes, dreams, needs, concerns. How? Verbal, writing, body language, arts, meditation.
  3. Getting it Right: Be in the right mind, with the right person, in the right time/place, with the right tone and the right words.
  4. Relationship Care: Build relationships, balance on track relationships, changing off track relationships.

Emotion Level:

0. No Feeling

  1. Tiny Feeling- not likely to act on emotion, moment passes quickly, other won’t notice your feeling.
  2. Small- noticeable, people will typically ask if you’re okay, dull ache, thoughts are influenced.
  3. Medium- visibly emotional, strong urges, body language, can control behavior, physical symptoms, uncomfortable.
  4. Strong- obvious, unable to listen, irrational, emotion occupies you, visible body languages, and thoughts racing.
  5. Overwhelming- emotional/physical damage, actively hurting someone or yourself, not listening, cannot control.